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Fulcrum Store


Started out of pure love for personalised decor, Fulcrum’s flagship store in Pune offers complete design solutions along with showcasing custom products, ranging from furniture to light fittings, furnishings and home decor, all designed in-house. New collections are added every month with the latest trends and updates.


The first outlet, established in 2009 is where the designing and manufacturing of furnishings began.


The store, today in a larger & multifunctional flat setting, is accurately a cozy and inviting home, with an ambience that is modern and contemporary. Every room is equipped with products demonstrated in a realistic manner, for customers to see and know how the decor would actually appear in their spaces. Designed and updated by Pallavi herself, the store also provides a deeper understanding of each artistically created decor article.


Being a small yet successful female owned business, Fulcrum is dedicated to serve each client personally with utmost care and perfection, by providing niche and unique home decor that is customised as per the individuals need and liking. You can also find ready to use decor that is fashioned to fit any given space and design.

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